Patricia Lyn Bradt

About the Author

Hello, my name is Patricia and I’m obsessed with history and happy endings.

Many authors will tell you that they knew from a young age that they were destined to be a writer. I am not one of them. Which is actually kind of odd. Looking backwards, it was probably inevitable. I spent much of my childhood and adolescence with my nose in a book or scribbling in a journal.

After a winding career that included education, project management, and freelance business writing, a friend of mine dared me to write my own Regency. My first novella was the very definition of a rough draft, but in the process I fell in love with mixing history and happy endings.

When I’m not reading or writing, I spend my days chasing my three children, hanging out with my handsome husband, and ignoring the laundry and dishes.

Fun Facts

Why Novellas?

I write novellas because I love to read novellas. Not that I don’t love novels, I read plenty of those as well. But as someone who struggles to put down a good book, there is magic in being able to enjoy a complete story and still get a good night’s sleep.

P. Lyn or Patricia?

My name is Patricia Lyn and when I was a child I always thought it would be cool to be P. Lyn instead of Patricia. So I decided that writing was the perfect opportunity. I later realized that Patricia Lyn looks better on covers and is less ambigious, but changing previously published books is tricky. Oh, well. Lesson learned.

Why Historical Romance?

I am and always have been a history nerd. Along with reading the The Boxcar Children and Newbery Medal winners, I could often be found reading our family's 1993 edition of the New World Encylopedia (no joke). The romance part is because I can read the news or history if I want serious topics, but the world needs more happy endings.